Our Cases - Testimonials

"We were continually having our budgets slashed and being perceived more as a 'cost' than an 'investment'. That's when we brought in MROI. They helped us to gain our self-worth again, they gave us credibility and accountability - the leaders of our organization began to regard marketing as a mission critical part of the business, not just a luxury for when times are good"

"MROI did a project for us, they use a kind of blueprint that helps keep everyone on track. It took 2 weeks for them to clean and enter the data, and then a week to come back with the output from the modelling and their recommendations. The best part is they are not typical modellers, they use their business acumen to understand the business imperatives, and from that are able to add value at every step of the project. We developed the final optimisation together in a workshop that not only gave us a great plan compared to our 'base plan', but the best part was that the process helped us re-gain some respect, gave us credibility and helped us achieve consensus."

"A pragmatic team of professionals who cut through the crap, get the job done and keep us all focused on achieving our goals. The journey shared with them is almost as valuable as the outcome from that journey!"

MROI signs NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) with all clients, for this reason it is not possible to mention the companies themselves but take it as a given they are Fortune 500 organizations...

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