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We are passionate about helping organizations optimise their MROI (Marketing Return On Investment) by finding the optimal marketing mix through the use of econometrics. Our time series modelling is able to accurately isolate the different effects each marketing activity has had on sales.

We use your sales data and a detailed history of your marketing activities over the past 2 to 3 years to estimate future cause and effect relationships from similar planned marketing activities and optimise the relative spend behind each marketing activity in order to meet business objectives. It's like having an extra dimension to help you make the right strategic and tactical decisions.

Perfection is not an option, but we know that clients gain a tremendous improvement in their MROI when they use the findings from our analysis in their marketing planning and budgeting. Smart organizations use competing cause and effect relationships to help them allocate their marketing mix.

Business objectives are usually a mix of short term sales and profit and long term brand equity building. For this reason our service requires a highly collaborative and interactive dimension with the client in order to optimise the results. This is achieved through in depth one-to-one consultations and group workshops.

A typical project costs about 30,000 Euro per brand per country, they take no more than 3 weeks and usually break even within the first week of having the new information that our analysis provides! We can deliver at this price because we use Marketing QED's tools.

We strongly believe that marketing should be a mix of intuition and analysis, there's usually no shortage of intuition but marketing has historically suffered from a lack of analysis and thus clear cut accountability.

Our projects also help all of your marketeers gain an appreciation for how the marketing budgets are allocated. Avoiding highly emotive discussions as allocation is largely based on facts.

We are an independent operator in the Swiss and Italian market, unlike the majority of our competitors, we have no vested interest to support any particular part of the mix and therefore we have no conflict of interest.

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